Special Units
Bicycle Patrol

At the Great Bend Police Department, we do our best to think outside the box and find new, better ways to do our job.  In addition to traditional patrol cars, some of our officers utilize specially equipped bicycles to patrol.  This allows us to see things we normally wouldn't and, more importantly, it allows us more chances to interact with the public.  

Special Services Team

The Great Bend Police Department recognizes that our greatest asset in keeping the community safe is our relationship with the community.  We know that most problems can be solved without force.  

However, we constantly strive to be prepared to protect our community when situations do arise that require highly trained officers and specialized equipment.  

Our Special Services Team consists of officers who train to respond to high risk situations.  The photo below shows the Team at an advanced training school.  The school took place at "Crisis City", a specialized training facility in Salina, KS.  

Canine Unit

The Police Department utilizes specially trained dogs to aid in our mission.  Currently, the Canine Unit is composed of "Kia" and "Lazer".  Kia is a Belgian Malinois who has been the Department since 2013, and Lazer is a German Shepherd who joined the force in 2015.  Both dogs are used primarily for detecting illegal drugs, but are also trained for various other duties, such as tracking and apprehending suspects.

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